Forgotten values

Did you know about CHIP-8 architecture?

No? Really?

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Long live Chinese OEMs, or Why idealism fails

As you might have already guessed, I’m a Nokia fan. Not from the ones crying “Nokia is dead!” (same thing happens to self-proclaimed Star Wars fans - in reality, a bunch of stupid lifeless nerds crying “Star Wars is dead!”). As a real fan, I believe Nokia and Star Wars are more alive than ever. And I really appreciate Nokia 8.1 and “The Last Jedi” just as much as Nokia 5110 and “A New Hope”. I like them all, why should I hide this and listen to oldfag snobs with their eternal “before was better” mantra?

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Supply and demand

Before I start getting technical, I want to explain something a bit. This blog is not going to be about GerdaOS development. At all. However, there’s something I need to address right away about it.

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This is how it starts

There’s no easy way to start so I’ll just start. I ditched the idea of a personal blog (or any journal of sorts) quite a long time ago. Each and every attempt to restore it failed. In 2018, I even tried to make a private audioblog via my new Olympus voice recorder. Eventually I stopped this. I just didn’t feel like this. Besides, I always preferred (and still do) doing things instead of talking about them. So, the same fate probably awaits this blog - who knows. But this time, I got some real motivation to at least begin this.

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